Christian Clown Skits: Enter the Growing Market of Spiritual Clowning

One of the best ways to reach people and get messages across is by making them feel comfortable, making them laugh, and allowing them to enjoy the world around them without any pressure. Christian clowning is just that – it is a way to get people to loosen up, enjoy themselves, and have fun in... Read More »

Magic Tricks With Ordinary Objects: Clowning and Magic

Clowning is an art that is has been around for a long time, and clowning and magic tricks go hand in hand. A clown is a delightful creature that will have all audiences, big and small, laughing and enjoying themselves. Magic tricks with ordinary objects are some of the most entertaining things that clowns can... Read More »

How To Clown for Kids Birthday Parties and More!

How many of you have children? Maybe you don’t have children but work with them on a day to day basis? Either way, it can become very difficult to keep the little critters busy and out of trouble sometimes. Other times, they can be quiet little angles, but then there are days when it must... Read More »

Face Painting Examples: Learn This Essential Clowning Skill

When you are looking for ways to expand your clowning ability or ability as any sort of entertainment performer, you’ll find that the art of face painting is a great one to be able to offer. People of all ages can get into the right celebratory spirit with face painting, and you’ll soon be able... Read More »

Clowning 101- How to Do Clowning

Have you ever been doing something in your kitchen and all of a sudden a giddy feeling comes over you and you break out and start dancing? Leaving the other people around you looking at you like you have lost your marbles? Maybe you dance around the kitchen to music and act silly on a... Read More »