Magic Tricks With Ordinary Objects: Clowning and Magic

clown magic

Clowning is an art that is has been around for a long time, and clowning and magic tricks go hand in hand. A clown is a delightful creature that will have all audiences, big and small, laughing and enjoying themselves.

Magic tricks with ordinary objects are some of the most entertaining things that clowns can do. Clowns use ordinary objects in magical ways to entertain audiences and to create laughter and smiles from all ages.

The key to using ordinary objects in magical ways for clowns is to use them in  a way that looks funny or that gets a funny reaction. Remember, even when using magic, the point of the clown is never to scare or to mystify in that way – the point of the clown is to elicit smiles and good time. So, you may want to concentrate on the magical things that you can do with ordinary objects without any training what so ever.

First of all, the clown’s appearance is what leads to a lot of the laughter and good times. A clown should be bright and cheerful, with the correctly painted face and an outfit that is zealous, oversized or too small, and exciting. Don’t forget the shoes, some funny flowers or buttons, and as crazy colors as you can muster. These are all important parts of clowning. After you have the outfit, you can move on to using ordinary objects in magical ways for your clown routine.

A lot of the routines with clowns have to do with size. Think about that as you start to do magic tricks with ordinary objects. For instance, anything that is much too big for you, or much too small for you, can be a magical and funny thing. Think about a big clown riding on a tiny tricycle, or a small clown using an umbrella that is much to big for her. All of these things are ways to get the good times flowing and get the laughter where you can hear it. So, first concentrate on the sizes of the items that you will be using. If you are doing a skit or a short scene, try to use props that are oversized or undersized. A nurse clown might try to listen to a heart beat with a very big stethoscope. A clown that is pretending to go to work might do so in a teeny-tiny car.

Next, think about using objects in a way that you wouldn’t normally. For instance, think about how funny it would be for a clown to attempt to talk on the phone using their big red shoe – or for a clown to try to ride on an umbrella. Using things in a way that wouldn’t normally be seen is another huge aspect of humor with clowns. It will also lead you to using found objects in magic tricks with clowns.

Clown magic relies a lot on objects that can be seen and objects with which everyone is familiar. For instance, everyone has seen the clown with a flower that shoots water – and these are easy props to acquire and to learn how to use. Also, books that open up and become something else, bikes that spray water at the crowd, and other funny techniques are often used to make clowns not only hilarious, but a magic-wheedling agent.

Remember, when it comes to clowns and magic, the point is that a clown should be bigger than life. Don’t rely on small magic tricks or card tricks, unless you are using a very big deck of cards, or unless you are doing something that no one else has done before. You want to be bigger and more different than you possibly can when it comes to the way that you look and act as a clown. And also, remember that just because a trick hasn’t been done with an object before is no reason that you shouldn’t experiment. The best way to get a laugh as a clown, and to get people to notice you, is to do something that hasn’t been tried before, and make it funny while you are doing it.