How To Clown for Kids Birthday Parties and More!


How many of you have children? Maybe you don’t have children but work with them on a day to day basis? Either way, it can become very difficult to keep the little critters busy and out of trouble sometimes. Other times, they can be quiet little angles, but then there are days when it must be something in the air or something because many kids will all go bananas at once!

This is when you need help of course. That is when you need to tap into your “Clown Persona”, if you have read my last article about clowning 101, you will have seen that I have mentioned tapping into your “inner clown”. It sounds silly but when the chips are down and your back is against the wall, when you feel like you will lose it and duct tape a few kids to the ceiling then you will be happy that you did tap into the inner clown!

If you are planning to make a party and you want to be the clown for the party well you can always paint yourself up to look like a clown. And of course you need a costume. You can always use something from your own closet or borrow some of your husband’s clothes (or in the husband’s case, borrow the wife’s!) Either way, your closet is a gold-mind for dress up; you just have to unlock and let out your inner child.

It’s a good idea to let your kids get involved and help you with the process of getting dressed up as a clown. They have very good input to add; they do indeed want to be heard, and a child’s perspective is always valuable. Remember this folks! Now, when you are finally ready to face the rest of the kids, you will no doubt have a tough audience to face. If it is your first time clowning at a party, don’t fret and don’t be afraid (they can smell fear!).

Just let your instincts guide you.

Maybe you could even do a few magic tricks if you know any. Or tell a few jokes (make sure that they are General rated of course!), and above all, let yourself laugh too. Enjoy the time that you are spending with these children. You are creating a valuable memory for these children and years or even decades down the road, there will be one special child that will remember what you did that day at the party and it will be a wonderful memory that he or she could tell their child about. The day that they saw their friend’s parent becomes a clown.