Face Painting Examples: Learn This Essential Clowning Skill

face painting

When you are looking for ways to expand your clowning ability or ability as any sort of entertainment performer, you’ll find that the art of face painting is a great one to be able to offer. People of all ages can get into the right celebratory spirit with face painting, and you’ll soon be able to see that with a little bit of work, you’ll be able to become an expert at this valuable skill. Take a look at some face painting examples to get you started, but remember that getting started is the hard part; after that, the sky’s the limit!

The first thing that you need to do is to get yourself a quality set of face paints. While some people claim that acrylics and watercolor paints will do just fine, they can be harmful. Go ahead and invest in a set of quality face paints that will last you a while. Remember that just because it says non-toxic does not mean that it’s good for your skin, especially when it comes to young children, so play it safe and pick up a good set of face paints. This is also a good way to make sure that your paint that will last a while on the face and that it will give you good, rich color.

When you want to get started with face painting, keep a few tips in mind. First, remember to use a sponge to spread color on evenly. This takes a lot less time and applies a thinner coat. Second, remember that you will want to let a layer dry before painting on top of it. This usually doesn’t take very long so be patient. Ask the child you are working on some questions and ask her why she might have chosen the design that she did. Third, remember that if you don’t want to get started with free hand sketches right away that you can start out with stencils. Stencils of hearts and stars are a great way to build up your confidence.

When you are thinking about face painting, you may be a little worried that you’ll be asked to draw something that you are not familiar with, or are uncertain about. Take some time to think about some face painting examples that you would like to draw. Take a look at some of the basic designs below and let yourself run wild.

When someone wants to feel pretty, you’ll find that flowers are a great place to start, so look at flower forms. You’ll find that a simple, five-petaled flower is quite easy, but that a rose is not much harder! Look at the real shapes behind the flower and figure out how to transfer just the basic shapes to skin.

Chinese characters
These beautiful brushwork designs translate beautifully to the skin and all you need to do this is black and white! Put down a white coat first and paint the black characters on top. If you don’t read Chinese characters yourself, keep a dictionary on hand to help people out.

Beautiful, fun and easy, get the basic shape of the butterfly down. If you want to get fancy, look at the swallowtail butterfly shapes and you’ll be able to make something really special on your client’s faces! This is a great way to get a little bit of color onto someone.

When it comes to fun in the water, look no further than a dolphin. Although most dolphins are a steely gray, make sure that you highlight it with blue or even purple. This will make the design pop, and if you want a great design, add some waves and some whitecaps as well.

The jester is quite easy to do, and once one youngster has it on, you can bet that some of the rest will be interested as well! Paint the face as thickly white as you can get it, and then add accents in black or red only. Add some lines below the eyes or paint the lips red, or add high red spots on the cheeks; this is a great way to get a party full of clowns!