Clowning 101- How to Do Clowning

Have you ever been doing something in your kitchen and all of a sudden a giddy feeling comes over you and you break out and start dancing? Leaving the other people around you looking at you like you have lost your marbles? Maybe you dance around the kitchen to music and act silly on a regular basis? I do this all the time! Maybe you are one of those people who crack jokes or talk to yourself when there is not really anyone around to hear you (My dad always said that this is fine as long as you don’t answer yourself!). This is perfectly normal and no you are not crazy or loony, you are just clowning around!

I have had many, many instances where I have been listening to music while doing something in the kitchen while my kids are sitting at the kitchen table doing their homework. All of a sudden I will break out and start to dance in a silly way or I sing in a funny way. My kids will most of the time look at each other and say “Mom’s going nuts again!” Sure they will say that but I know that they love it when I cut loose and act like a nut-bar. Their bright and smiling faces tell all.

Everyone has the ability to be a clown inside of them; they just have to tap into that part of themselves, the “inner clown” so to speak. It’s all about knowing how to talk to kids, and knowing how to talk to kids means never really forgetting how to be a kid. Many adults when they grow up forget what it was like to be young and carefree.

Perhaps you have a child who is sick or who has hurt themselves or even wants to have a party. You could tap into that part of you and become a clown for your kid! Every child wishes that their parent could be fun like that and if you did that for your child; no doubt that they would think you were the absolute coolest mom or dad of all, if they don’t think so already! One day, you may even decide to make clowning a part-time or full-time career! The sky is the limit when you have humor and a round, red nose!